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Here at Elite Insulation, we follow a three step process for Polyurethane Concrete Raising: Drill, Pump & Patch. Using the best materials, we will drill very small holes in the concrete. From there, we will then inject a polyurethane two part foam underneath the concrete slab. Finally, we will patch the holes previously drilled and clean up now that the job is done.

Some common areas we raise, level and repair are concrete slab patios, front porches, driveways, sidewalks, garage & parking slabs, steps, and pool decks.

The poly foams we use are safe for the Earth, consisting of 39%-49% renewable and recycled materials. Best of all your concrete slab will be ready to use immediately! As opposed to taking out the old slab, framing the new slab, and waiting the concrete to set up. Trust a certified installer in Evansville, IN to save your sinking concrete slab. Call us today, 812-598-7141, for a free estimate!

Polyurethane Concrete Raising in Evansville, Indiana

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